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Save Animals from Laboratory Testing!

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Please Help Us Save Cats & Other Animals from Lab Testing.

Approximately 19,000 cats are used in animals testing and in school dissections. Cats are used in some of the most torturous experiments including mutilating the cats brains while they are alive. Guardians of Rescue is committed to ending animal testing. We are asking for your financial support, and for you to sign our petition.

Last year, Guardians saved more than 100 beagles from a laboratory where they were used for product testing. This was the first time this particular laboratory released animals to rescue organizations. Previously, they were all euthanized at the end of the testing period. Thanks to that successful partnership, the laboratory agreed to release thirty cats to us for rescue. While we cannot share any details on the testing, the company, or the health status of the cats, we are grateful that this laboratory continues to work with Guardian of Rescue to save these lives when they had previously been destroyed.