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During a deployment to aid in the Texas border crisis, U.S. Staff Sergeant Bryn was faced with both human and animal hardships that were hard to see. Suffering at the hands of cartels was an everyday occurrence.

The Sergeant frequently saw stray dogs with open wounds and others that had already died from the heat or at the hands of a human. One day they saw a friendly dog but they just kept of their mission. Every day this same dog came to greet them. This vulnerable dog, sought refuge from the group of dedicated soldiers. Knowing this dog had no chance of making it on his own and his happy disposition won the soldiers over, especially the sergeant.

A small shelter was made for the dogs in the brush as they tried to keep this dog safe. The dog became part of the soldiers everyday routine and became their mascot and a source of happiness for them. The Sergeant told his wife about the sweet dog they named Rio and she immediately said he should adopt her and bring him home. What seemed like a simple and easy request was anything but.

As the situation on the ground changed overnight, Sergeant Bryn was faced with having only 24 hours to get Rio to a safe place. With local shelters full, and the dog having no medical records he had nowhere to turn and things did not look hopeful. One of the soldiers told him to reach out to Guardians of Rescue.

Within hours of receiving Sergeant Bryn’s message, Guardians of Rescue had one of its members on a flight to Texas to see if we can get there and save this dog in time.

We are asking for your support to help us save this pup for his soldier!