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Saving animals impacted in Puerto Rico

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

When floods, hurricanes and other disasters strike, leaving helpless animals stranded and in danger, Guardians of Rescue is on the scene, assisting local and state agencies, and rescues, with the huge undertaking of saving animals from these uncontrollable disasters that impose great destruction, and leave innocent, terrified creatures stranded and their lives in peril. Right now Puerto Rico needs our help! We are boots on the ground and trying to get desperate animals flown off the island and much needed supplies flown in!

It is in times of disaster that animals need our help the most. In many cases, they are left tied up, to fend for themselves or left locked in homes and other structures. This is when rescue is a race against clock, because time quickly runs out on these animals in these dangerous situations.

While emergency management agencies deal with everything from downed power lines to saving human lives, our members are on the ground supporting animal Search and Rescue efforts, tending to traumatized and helpless cats, dogs and other animals, by providing medical, supplies, transport, shelter and the safety they all are desperate for.

Please donate to save helpless victims -- the animals.