When a Soldier Saves a Puppy in Need

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In the Middle East a puppy had no idea of his fate if United States Army Specialist Joseph Gomez had not stepped in to keep this puppy out of harm's way.

There are details we cannot share but please be sure this pup, now named Hilal meaning crescent moon, was going to be a victim of the harsh life dogs go through daily in this area of the world. Dogs are generally considered dirty and unholy, many children are taught at a very young age to hurt them and adults take pleasure in torturing them.

Specialist Gomez is in a sensitive area of the Middle East, a dangerous place for any human being and of course dogs. He has a big heart that has been broken from seeing what dogs go through in this area, but he has even a bigger weight on his heart for Hilal because he does not want to leave him behind. Does any decent human being just say ok little buddy I hope things work out for you here when I leave? Absolutely not.

This is why Specialist Gomez contacted Guardians of Rescue and, with our team in a neighboring country and your support to make this happen, we can get Hilal to safety. He can be held in a relatively safe area in Jordan until he can be flown to New York, then Oklahoma so that Hilal and Joseph can be reunited.

Specialist Gomez knows these missions are always risky and that the ability to complete the mission is based on groundwork and donations. If you are a military supporter and animal lover, please consider donating to this mission.

It is extremely time sensitive and we cannot do it without your help. If you cannot help financially please share this mission for Hilal and Joe's sake.

God bless America.

Our Supporters