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Donate now to save lives

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Hurricane Florence is predicted to devastate the Carolinas and in the middle of it all there will be the animals. Dogs that were already abandoned - old, injured, moms with puppies; and animals that were abandoned right before the hurricane hit because owners didn't want to deal with them - animals left in homes and animals left chained outside. Whatever the situation, they are trapped as you read this and need our help without delay.

As always, the Guardians of Rescue Disaster Response Crews are hands on with natural disasters, ready to help the survivors of this monstrous, catastrophic hurricane get to safety and get any care they may need. You are the reason we are able to do this; your donations make our response possible.

Last year we responded and assisted with all the major hurricanes and we are still suffering the financial impacts of this work. To this day we have dogs in our care, dogs who depend on us for their food, shelter, love, and medical care. The medical bills alone account for thousands of days a month in costs.

We are readying efforts for what we are certain will be countless hours of assistance with animal evacuations and rescues in the places most significantly impacted by Hurricane Florence. We are setting up our strategy, loading our trucks, and prepping to assist as many small local groups as possible -- groups who will be in desperate need of crates, food, cleaning supplies, water, and more.

Your gift now will go directly to the Guardians of Rescue Disaster Response, which will support our lifesaving efforts for animals in this devastating disaster. Your donation enables us to provide care, supplies, and support to animals across the counties affected by Hurricane Florence.

The days and weeks ahead will require critical response as conditions develop and damage is revealed. Time is of the essence because as waters rise, travel will be limited, communication will be impacted and power will be out.

Now is the most important time to donate, as your donation will enable us to make a true impact on the lives of animals in the Carolinas.