Donate now to help a military hero bring his friend Sox home to safety! Their story below... image

Donate now to help a military hero bring his friend Sox home to safety! Their story below...

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Let's bring Sox home with her Service Hero

Right now, a Marine needs our help getting his dog out of Afghanistan.

In a remote location in Afghanistan, Captain Dave and his unit found a puppy caught in concertina wire at their camp . They freed her and gave her some food and water. Soon after, Sox appeared at the camp’s entrance everyday. She would often be found hiding in the middle of a patch of concertina wire and Hesco barriers where passersby would not be able to see or disturb her.

Some Marines witnessed Sox being abused, and decided that it was time to keep her in the camp. She stayed by their side, even tagging along on missions. But on a recent patrol, Sox ventured away too far and was whipped with a stick by another local. It was then Captain Dave knew it was time for her to leave as soon as possible.

Sox is truly loyal to the Marines, who do not leave anyone behind. We have to be just as loyal, both to the military members who are there for us, and to Sox, who has won their hearts. he U.S.

Let’s please work together to bring Sox home! For Sox it will be a life of hell if she’s left behind. For Captain Dave, it would be a lifetime of regret and worry.

It’s a lot to ask, but for these Marines and Sox it’s everything to them, and we think lending a hand to those in trouble what America is all about. Helping Sox is a great way to show these Marines we appreciate their military service overseas. We really need to step up for them, as they have stepped us for us.

Can you please chip in something to help get this pup out of Afghanistan and safely to the U.S. with her military friend?

Semper Fi—We just can't leave her behind!

Guardians of Rescue